Write 100 Days

So you want to get writing? Or you do write already, but want to step it up or turn it into a habit…

Sign up for a daily writing reminder, delivered to you inbox for one hundred days. Our next 100 day writing journey launches on 15 January and runs to April 25.

It doesn’t matter how long you spend each day, the challenge is to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, each day. Every day, for 100 days, you’ll receive a reminder that will keep your creative intention front and centre in your thinking, help you develop a writing habit, and reach your writing goals.

It doesn’t matter what you want to want to write, it could be journalling, poetry, a blog, a novel, a children’s book, a screenplay or even your project proposals and business plans! Writing is a significant step in the creative process, that helps to move what’s in your head, onto the ‘page’ (or screen) and ultimately release it into the world.

A simple regular reminder, seasoned with a little inspiration, delivered every day for a hundred days…. this could be the help you need to shift your awareness each daily and bring your creative ideas closer to reality. Just imagine what you can create over this time, through the power of the written word!

This writing journey is absolutely free, and it connects you to all the other creative offerings on the SAYme platform.

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