Sibulele Magini

“If it were not for Nab’Ubomi, I would not be studying television now. Nab’Ubomi exposed me to an industry that is difficult to access in our province but which is a powerful medium. The project made me realise and identify my own passion. Because of Nab’Ubomi, I got to understand and also experience the dynamic exciting world of television and filmmaking. The project is insightful and eye-opening. Even today, for my assignments for journalism, I still use the extensive knowledge and guidance I obtained from Nabubomi. It is the very same project that opened the door for me to be accepted to specialise in television for my journalism degree at Rhodes and for that I will forever be indebted to Nab’Ubomi.” – Sibulele Magini

Sibulele was a Nab’Ubomi Crew member in 2007 for the film F(R)IENDS.

He was also part of the SAYIFF (SA Youth International Film Festival) team in 2010.

Follow him on twitter @MaginiSbu

And his blog

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