Rafieka Neff

“Nab’Ubomi changed my life. It allowed me the opportunity to experience and identify my passion. It is a model targeted at the right age group and grade in high school. I remember as a grade 10 learner feeling terrified at my own dream of becoming a film maker because in SA it is seen as the Job you would only do well at if you’re in Hollywood and what’s the chances of a girl like me miraculously ending up in Hollywood? But Nab’Ubomi gave me the experience of being a filmmaker as if I was in Hollywood: We worked our butts off, we had major fun, we made friends we will always remember, we learned from Industry professionals, we worked with a professional crew and made a short film… we cried, we won, we lost, we saw our film playing on the big screen in front of a huge audience, and we saw our film screened on national television, we won awards…

“This experience changed my mindset from a small thinker to a big thinker. It built my confidence and showed me that anything is possible. It gave me the skills to understand what is to be a professional, to be proactive, and most importantly it gave me a permanent inspirational reference in my life. With the experience of being part of the Nab’Ubomi family I didn’t only leave with having basic filmmaking skills, I walked away thinking about who, or what, I want to be. I can proudly say that the continuous care, constant communication and having Nab’Ubomi as a reference on my CV has opened doors for me. I am currently a documentary film student at Big Fish and I’m in my final year and my dream is to become a Director of Photography (DOP) on feature length documentaries. My first experience of being a DOP was on Nab’Ubomi Film Camp in 2007 and to think I never even knew what it was called, I only knew that it was the person operating a camera.

“I thank Nab’Ubomi for caring about the youth and making opportunities like this possible. It’s not everyday that you find grade 10 learners can get exposed to such an experience of producing something so professional for National Television. The motivation it instills in you is the best motivation you can get to make you want to achieve, to win and to make your life a success.My hopes and dreams for Nab’Ubomi is to carry on and grow bigger and bigger so that this great model can infect more learners with motivation, positive attitudes, determination and most importantly giving the youth a voice. Nab’Ubomi – ‘this is life’… Indeed!” – Rafieka Neff (Davis)

Rafieka was on Nab’Ubomi Crew in 2007 for the film CHAIN REACTION. She also created the score for this film.

She interned at Nab’Ubomi in 2009.

Follow Rafieka on twitter @RafiekaDavis

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