Pumlani Veto

“What Nab’Ubomi has done for me can never be explained, but I will try… Nab’Ubomi found me at a point where I didn’t know what I was going to do after Matric and where I was going to go. It is a great platform that let’s you in on the practicalities of film and television. It helps the youth (myself at that time) feel part of their communities and encourages them to pursue more. We grow in homes and communities where motivation and encouragement is lacking, especially if you mention something about television. But Nab’Ubomi brings hope to those ‘impossible dreamers’, the aspiring directors, editors, camera and sound persons etc. I am proud to say I am a Nab’Ubomi breed and today I can walk into any company and say I am a Director/Producer/Editor. Nab’Ubomi doesn’t end with producing your short film in high school; they also find you jobs and internships to help you grow. When I take that Oscar one day, it will be because of Nab’Ubomi who helped me prove to the world that I am not mad for wanting to be a film director and helped me by giving me my first ever film set experience. And I am thankful for that. I hope it grows to greater levels!” – Pumlani Veto

Pumlani was a Nab’Ubomi Filmmaker in 2007 when she made her first film. She joined the project as an intern in 2008.

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