Laura Besch

 “I had the honor to be part of the first Nab’Ubomi project in 2007. I can still feel the excitement in everyone, especially me, when I first said ‘Action’ and the camera started to fill the screen with the ideas and thoughts out of my head. You have given everybody, who had the chance to be part of this wonderful project, an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, and you have certainly fulfilled mine!!  For me personally Nab’Ubomi has guided me to where I am in my life today. Studying at a wonderful Film school in Berlin. I have taken part in a German documentary as the first camera assistant, which was shown in over 130 cinemas all over the country. Again, thank you so much for making all this possible, for not just for me but all of us. This is my life, characterized by Nab’Ubomi. Do not stop the shining stars from rising high!! ” – Laura Besch

Laura was a Nab’Ubomi filmmaker in 2007 when she made the film FEAR OR FIGHT and again in 2008 when she made the film LISTEN.

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