Asiphe Cetywayo

“The biggest, and by far the best experience of my whole life, was with Nab’Ubomi. I learnt a lot most importantly about the technical side of things… especially on the camera department. Nab’Ubomi is most definitely a steppingstone for aspiring actors, directors, scriptwriters, technical operators – you name it. It gives a hint on what to expect should you choose to study film. I’m glad I got to be part of this amazing experience I advise those who haven’t been part of Nab’Ubomi yet to go ahead and enter the competition! Thanks to every single person involved in this project for the knowledge!”– Asiphe Cetywayo

2 thoughts on “Asiphe Cetywayo

  1. Truly was an experience of a lifetime… Nab’ ubomi showed me the critical side of things in the film industry the beautiful product that one sees at the very end , requires a lot of hard work and effort, with lots of fun whilst at it

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