Nab’Ubomi World 2014 Issue 01

2013 Films: After quite a long spell in the post-production queue the twelve films from Nab’Ubomi 2013 are finally complete! Late last year our YouTube channel was hitting 11 000 views a month! Things are about to pick up dramatically in the online space again: The 2013 films will be added to our YouTube channel … Continue reading Nab’Ubomi World 2014 Issue 01

Wrapping up Nab’Ubomi 2013

We are racing toward the close of 2013. What a rough and tumble year this has been! Despite the disappointment of the ECDoE promising a film training camp and then postponing and then stalling indefinitely we still DID it: We made the films! And so 2013 adds another 12 short films to the Nab'Ubomi film … Continue reading Wrapping up Nab’Ubomi 2013