SAYme.TV programmes are designed to to facilitate personal and social transformation through film engagement. The Film Makers Programme focusses on the Film Creation Skills and Processes, The Filmic Life Programme focusses on Personal Transformation through working with the Film Concepts and Processes. From time to time we offering Short Programmes in elements of that are offered at different times.

The Film Makers Programme has in the past only been available to High Schools selected through a screen-writing competition. The Film Makers programme is now available to any person, school, organisation or group to enrol and take part remotely. There remains a competitive element as with each ‘season’ of the programme as the SAYmeTV crew selects a limited number of short films to mentor directly providing filming gear, crew mentors & post production.

The Modules that make up the Film Maker’s Programme are:

  1. Film Story: Writing for the Screen
  2. Film Design: Pre-Production
  3. Film Capture: Production
  4. Film Performance: Acting & Directing
  5. Film Transition: Post Production
  6. Film Reflection: Audience & Impact

The Filmic Life Programme has six modules that align with the Film Production Stages and focus on the application of the Learning, Skills and Concepts from each phase and how these can be applied to life. It is not necessary to do the film production programme concurrently, or at all, Filmic Life Programme can be completed and applied without any practical filmmaking activity or interest.

The Modules that make up the Filmic Life Programme are:

  1. Filmic Life Story
  2. Filmic Life Design
  3. Filmic Life Capture
  4. Filmic Life Performance
  5. Filmic Life Transition
  6. Filmic Life Reflection

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