The 6-Step Story Journey

the Reel Story journey


In this new 6-day programme you will walk through the six key steps of story process and discover how they can be applied to your own life story. Here’s what comes with the course:

  • An Introductory Video providing an overview or ‘road map’ of the journey you’re embarking on;
  • A 6-Day Journal to plan, track, and reflect on your 6 day ‘Reel Story’ process;
  • A Short Video for each day explaining the stage you are entering and how to apply the relevant step to your day;
  • Online community in the form of a private Facebook Group with others who use the 6-Step Story model. Here you can post your questions and interact with Bryony and others working with the programme.
The 6-Step Reel Story Programme is 100% FREE. When you sign up you will receive an email confirming your application and inviting you to join the private facebook group. You will receive an email with the video and journal questions for each day of the course commencing the day after you sign up. 

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