32897238_10216715895353660_5947020766984798208_o – Weekend Argus (May 2018)

Creating a Film Community in the Southern Peninsula – feature article in Screen Africa. (May 2018)

Film to Forge Futures as SAY Media Education partners with Forward Fund Academy to bring Film Training to the Southern Peninsula. (April 2018)

Young filmmaker Sino Bulana, who began her film career with Nab’Ubomi, heads to Paris for the screening of her documentary Khayelitsha Hospital Goes Green. The Herald tells the story. (May 2018)

In February 2014 the Nab’Ubomi film Shame on You was selected as part of the Durham Women Rising Film Festival screening line-up.

A selection of Nab’Ubomi films were featured at the Cambridge Picturehouse as part of the Cambridge African Film Festival in 2012

The Nab’Ubomi Event at the Cambridge African Film Festival (CAFF) in 2012 featured in Take One

Local Learner Breaks into the world of Film – Kouga Express


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