Our Champions

We are using the word Champion to mean “a visionary advocate who clears the field for the triumph of an idea.”  It is someone who presents a strong case, publicizes a project and gathers support for an idea. Our Champions are more than a just promoters, they bring vision, passion and energy as they share the cause wherever they find themselves.

Since Nab’Ubomi started in 2006 it has been clear how important individual people are in taking this project forward: opening doors, creating partnerships and finding ways to expand and increase our impact.  Every step has only been possible because of individuals who have caught and shared the vision of what Nab’Ubomi is, and can be, in the lives of young people, in schools, communities and in South Africa as a whole.

So we have set up the Nab’Ubomi Champions Programme. Through it we connect regularly and directly with our active supporters, our Champions. We know that they are passionate about Nab’Ubomi, and are willing and able to help us spread the word about Nab’Ubomi and the array of opportunities available for young south africans passionate about film & media in South Africa. At the same time we at Nab’Ubomi are passionate about our Champions and what they do, we’re eager to see them succeed, and to turn their own creative dreams into reality one step at a time.

It’s early days with this programme, and it’s going to be a learning curve as we try things out and discover how best to interact, share, grow and learn together. If you want to be a champions apply to join the programme here:

Looking forward to working with you!

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