Our Team

“Nab’Ubomi Productions CC” was established in 2009 for the purpose of managing Nab’Ubomi (founded in 2006) and related projects and further empowering the talented young people that have been discovered and developed through the Nab’Ubomi Film Project.

Our head office has recently moved from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, to Cape Town in the Western Cape. Nab’Ubomi Productions seeks to develop projects and programmes that contribute strategically to the growth and development of the South African Film landscape. This includes research, skills development, and content creation across the full scope of South Africa but with particular emphasis on youth and untapped, underdeveloped regions, communities, and talent.

The Nab’Ubomi Project is our primary concern and offers a foundation and network for all other youth, film and development work we undertake. We offer design, management and co-ordination of strategic projects relating to film, media, education, youth and development including research, training, production and festivals.

The Nab’Ubomi team is led by Bryony Roughton as Producer & Project Director. All aspects of film production are overseen by Mark Roughton. For the past three years Keneilwe Mokoka has been involved in project liaison for Nab’Ubomi. With each project the production and support team changes. In 2013 Thulani Soqaga and Sinazo Jojo joined the Production Crew.

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