Nab’Ubomi (This is Life) is an Inter-School Short Film Competition that introduces young South Africans to the world of Film & TV. Discovering & developing talent & stories; validating young lives, hopes & dreams; Nab’Ubomi also offers a taste of the social and economic potential of film activity to empower individuals & communities for growth & transformation.

Aligned with National Curriculum Learning Outcomes in English, Literacy and Life Orientation, this Youth Film Development Programme works within the school system to introduce learners, educators & entire school communities to what, in South Africa, remains a largely inaccessible creative sphere.

Nab’Ubomi has been running in the Eastern Cape since 2007. The project has produced 90 short films & 3 TV series broadcast on SABC and overseas on community TV channels, and at Film Festivals. Each year DVDs are produced and the films are screened to school audiences of 4000 – 6000 learners. Online Nab’Ubomi films are attracting over 10 000 views a month.

Many past participants have gone on to careers in film and are granted easier access to bursaries, study & internship opportunities. All participants take the experience and new found skills into their lives, communities, workplaces and careers.

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