South Peninsula Inter-School Film Festival and Competition

The South Peninsula Inter-school Film Festival & Competition launches for the first time in June 2018 with a call for screenplay entries from high schools and learners in Cape Town’s far south.

IMG_7030*Grade 10 and Grade 11 learners are invited to write a short film script (screenplay) that fits within the parameters of the Film Festival & Competition. The deadline for script entries has been EXTENDED TO Friday 27 July 2018, when learners will pitch their film ideas to a selection panel, in the hopes of their screenplay being selected and made into a film at their school.

The festival is a collaboration between SAY Media Education and Forward Fund Academy, and is modelled on the successful Nab’Ubomi Inter-School Short Film Competition from the Eastern Cape.

Successful young writers whose screenplays are selected will select a crew of learners at their respective schools, who will then receive training and be mentored through the process of film production. Once completed, the short films will be screened at the participating schools and compete for various awards.

The Festival strategy is designed to lower the barriers to entry for young people who dream of making films. The support offered through the process means it is a ‘level playing field’ for all schools to participate. To enter all a learner needs is an idea, a script, and support from their school. If their script is chosen, they will receive all the help they need to produce a broadcast quality short film.

The Film Festival Introduction & Screenwriting Guide outlines the competition rules and gives insight into writing a screenplay for the competition. The Entry & Consent Form must be included with every script submission. Here is a Introductory Letter for Schools that will explain the project to the Principal and Key Teachers who would support the project.

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