Award Winners 2013

Here are the award winners for 2013:

BEST DIRECTOR: Why Not? – Stutterheim High School

BEST PRODUCER: Boomerang – Lady Grey Arts Academy

BEST SCREENPLAY: Tables – Queenstown Girls High School

BEST STORY: What You Call Your Best Friend – St James Senior Secondary

BEST CAMERA DEPT: Why Not? – Stutterheim High School

BEST SOUND DEPT: What You Call Your Best Friend  – St James Senior Secondary

BEST ART DEPT:  Tables – Queenstown Girls High School

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Khanya – Khanyisa High School

BEST CROWD SCENE: Why Not? – Stutterheim High School


OUTSTANDING STUDENT PARTICIPATION (3 Awards):  Khanya (Grip) – Khanyisa High School; Silence is Lethal (Crew) – Victoria Girls High; Who is Him? (Crew)– Lehana Senior Seccondary.

COMMISSIONERS DREAM: Speak Out – Hoër Volkskool

BEST OF THE FESTIVAL: Pass or Fail – Alexander Road High

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: To vote for the People’s Choice Award go to the new Nab’Ubomi App where there is an option to vote for your favourite films from 2013.

Certificates for the nominees and winners in each category were presented at school screenings during April. Some schools were unable to host a screening and the certificates along with a screener DVD were left with the school to be presented by the Head at an appropriate time.

If one of the above awards relates to a film you were involved with, you are welcome to contact us to ask for the jpeg version of the certificate to be sent to you for your records. Both nominee and winners certificates are available.

Congratulations to all involved!