Nab’Ubomi World 2014 Issue 01

2013 Films: After quite a long spell in the post-production queue the twelve films from Nab’Ubomi 2013 are finally complete! Late last year our YouTube channel was hitting 11 000 views a month! Things are about to pick up dramatically in the online space again: The 2013 films will be added to our YouTube channel over the next few days and this weekend a panel of judges from around SA and beyond will be viewing and short-listing films in each award category.

Screening Road Trip & Awards: We will announce the nominees (runners up) in each award category online early next week. Winners will be announced during a screening road trip we will schedule in March. On this trip we will screen each film at the school where it was made, present certificates to the nominees and winners in each award category, and distribute the DVD.

DVD Release: You will be able to buy the 2013 DVD at a cost of R30. We have decided to include the 2012 films on the 2013 DVD. That’s 24 short films on a single disc. Schools need to preorder the DVD so we know how many copies to produce and bring with us to the screenings. There is a bulk DVD order form to assist with this, it is available here: DVD ORDER FORM 2013. If you are reading this and want to purchase a single DVD please email us on and we’ll contact you with further information.

Broadcast & Festivals: I am delighted to tell you that we have already submitted the 2013 films to an International Youth Film Festival in Spain for consideration, so we wait to hear if they will select one of your films to screen in competition at the festival in March 2014. One of the Nab’Ubomi 2011 films “Shame on You” was selected for the Durham Women Rising Film Festival and was screened in a cinema in Durham in the UK this last weekend.  We hope to be able to find more ways to share the best of the Nab’Ubomi 2013 films with the wider world and hope the Festival in Spain will be a good start! A local TV channel is considering showcasing a selection of the recent films. Once this is finalized the details will be shared with you.

2014 Project: The Theme for 2014 is TIME FOR CHANGE. The deadline for entries is 31 March 2014. Get the Entry & Consent Form 2014 here, and watch the Competition Info & Screenwriting Training Videos here. We are aiming for 12 Nab’Ubomi Eastern Cape Films and and 12 Nab’Ubomi Western Cape films. We will be doing our own crew training this year. Waiting on the ECDoE for training and awards for the Eastern Cape learners badly de-railed the project last year and we’ve been playing catch up ever since! To avoid any disappointment and unnecessary challenges during production we will be scheduling our own simplified crew training and awards process from now on.

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All you Nab’Ubomi 2013 Filmmakers out there keep dreaming, keep creating your reality! …and prospective 2014 Filmmakers Best of Luck!

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