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Film media is a powerful force in society and can be used as a vehicle for personal and social transformation. The SAYmeTV vision is to use all things ‘film’ to empower our participants and mentees – in particular emerging creatives and media makers – to develop themselves, transform their lives, and impact their world.

Today, more than ever, all of us are able to create film content and contribute to the online media space, and no longer just be ‘consumers’ of film content. The invitation is to influence as much as (or more than) we are influenced. Both processes can be made conscious and used to create the kind of change we long to see in ourselves and in our world.


About Bryony

About Bryony

Bryony Joy Roughton is the founder of SAYme.TV a hub for teaching and sharing about film as a medium for personal and social transformation. She holds a Master’s Degree in Media and International Development (UEA, UK); A BA in Psychology and Communications (UNISA, SA); and further studies in Cinema for Education and Therapy (ZUR Institute California) and Cinema and the Psyche (Jungian Film School).


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