The SAYmeTV vision is to use all things ‘film’ to empower emerging creatives – to develop themselves, transform their lives, and impact their world. Bryony Joy Roughton is the founder of SAYme.TV a hub for creative activation, empowerment and conscious expression.

Today more than ever before, all of us are able to create film content and contribute to the online media space, and narrative. We are no longer just ‘consumers’ of content. The invitation is be more consciously influential than mindlessly influenced. The challenge is to create more than we consume… to develop awareness and critical thinking, learn to listen and reflect, develop empathy, understanding and connection across the divides as the world fragments. Creative production, expression and consumption can all be made conscious and used to affect change in ourselves and our world.

In the B’mused Blog Bryony shares her journey with words, expression, creativity, consciousness, connection, and spirituality.

She holds a Masters in Media and International Development from UEA; a BA in Psychology and Communications; and further studies in Cinema for Education and Therapy (ZUR Institute California) and Cinema and the Psyche (Jungian Film School). She has written, directed and produced stage plays before moving into filmmaking. A passion writes poetry and plays, performs  mime and

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